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Journalist | I do not know what to study

abril 4, 2021

What is a journalist?

A journalist is someone who investigates, collects and presents information such as news. This can be presented through newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and the Internet. Journalists are trusted to present news in a well-rounded and objective manner.

What does a journalist do?

Journalism is a broad career with many opportunities. In the different areas of the media (television, radio, newspapers, magazines, etc.), there are specialized tasks for journalists. Depending on the size of an organization, a journalist can work one or more of these tasks:

They are directly involved in gathering information. They conduct interviews, find sources, and gather all the information necessary to write a story. Reporters also present information in written or spoken form in news stories, documentaries, or featured articles. General reporters cover all types of news, but some may specialize in certain areas such as sports, politics, or lifestyle. Some reporters may work on the staff of large news organizations, or as freelance writers, writing stories for clients.

Take stories written by journalists and put them in a form that suits the special needs of your particular newspaper, magazine, or website. The sub-editors don’t collect the information themselves, but instead focus on how existing stories can best be tailored to a specific audience.

Use photography as a way to report the news. They can cover events with a reporter, take photos to represent a written story, or attend news events on their own, doing both jobs. A photojournalist must carry photographic equipment with them, and must make instant decisions in order to capture important events as they take place. At times, they may be exposed to physical danger, crowds, or harsh weather conditions.

He is in charge of deciding what goes in a newspaper, magazine or newsletter. He is responsible for the content to be written by journalists and makes all final decisions.

News editor:
He is the person in charge of all news journalists. They make all the decisions about what stories to cover and who will do the work.

What is the workplace of a journalist like?

Depending on the type of article being written, a journalist works where necessary to produce the story. The workplace can vary, whether it’s attending functions and large events or knocking on people’s doors. Writing the article after all the information is collected can be done in a hotel room, a coffee shop, an office or home.