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Medicine | I do not know what to study

abril 5, 2021
estudiar medicina herramientas Medicine | I do not know what to study

Medicine trains professionals in the health area in order to help in the treatment and the recovery of patients.

The Medicine career provides the knowledge to to diagnose and treat patients, prevent diseases, manage pharmacological resources and be trained for scientific and technological changes. At first the doctor is prepared to solve general health problems and then can specialize in a particular area.

Studying at university in medicine can be a great decision once students are at the crossroads of deciding about their academic future, as long as it is a purely vocational choice, since, despite being a career with a long tradition, carries responsibilities that are far from the rest of the training offers.

As a doctor, you will take care of people’s health, helping the sick and preventing many diseases, helping to create a healthier society.

Why study medicine?

Studying a career in medicine will undoubtedly lead to an important change in the life of the applicant. The dedication that such a degree requires will involve many hours of effort in studies and research, and therefore it is not easily adapted to any student profile.

The time required to obtain a medical degree is significantly higher than the rest, and therefore a firm and responsible commitment is required, since when doctors begin to perform their functions in the labor market they will be responsible direct from the health of many people.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of studying medicine?

Studying medicine has many advantages for students with a more altruistic profile and who have a great interest in the general functioning of the human body and the processes that make it up. However, there are peculiarities of the profession that must be weighed so as not to make a bad decision late when deciding to study this specialty.

The main advantages of studying medicine:

  1. Personal satisfaction
    Possibly the medical career is one of the most vocational careers that exist. The majority of students have the mission of reaching the goal of finishing their studies and being able to help patients on a day-to-day basis.
  2. Great specialization
    At present, there are numerous branches in which to specialize and be able to access a greater number of specific knowledge. It is possible to specialize in disciplines such as anatomy, physics, chemistry, pediatrics, psychiatry, among others.
  3. Extensive training
    Due to the responsibility that comes with practicing medicine, doctors receive extensive training in different fields and knowledge related to medicine. This ensures that they obtain an appropriate level of knowledge for the designated position.
  4. High pay
    Graduates in medicine, once incorporated into the labor market, certainly receive high remuneration for carrying out their duties. However, this considerable remuneration is associated with the great responsibility of work.

The main disadvantages of studying medicine:

  1. Long-lasting career
    The medical career usually lasts 6 to 8 years. Which is noticeably longer than most other college majors.
  2. Big responsibility
    Being a doctor is not exempt from responsibility, since the health of patients will be under his supervision in health centers and hospitals.
  3. Need for dedication
    The medical career requires a constant effort added to an incessant updating that lasts until obtaining a degree in medicine. Some applicants drop out in the first year, because of the difficulty of the race.
  4. Singular schedules
    Practicing medicine implies the need to be at the disposal of long shifts and emergencies. It is a rhythm of life that requires a great adaptation that allows them to carry out long hours of work and notices after hours. For this reason, some students frequently refuse the idea of ​​pursuing a career in medicine.

What job opportunities does a career in medicine have?

The medical profession is widely valued by society, especially by the group of medical applicants who receive training in the field on a daily basis, since it offers excellent remuneration and numerous offers in the labor market.
The functions of a doctor encompass various responsibilities such as the prevention, detection, diagnosis and treatment of a multitude of ailments and other ills. To be effectively trained in the area of ​​medicine, it is necessary to acquire extensive knowledge about the functioning of the processes of the human body, the different existing diseases and the best way to treat them. Likewise, it is essential to maintain an adequate treatment of patients, interacting in an optimal way.

Although medical training has its peculiarities and duration depending on the country in which these studies have been completed, the reality is that it is a universal career, because the assimilated knowledge can be of great use anywhere on the planet.

Because of the possibility of practicing the medical profession throughout the world, physicians have the option of choosing between a variety of career paths.

The doctor participates in scheduled consultations, carries out a historical follow-up of the patient with physical examinations, determines the treatment to be carried out to recover, prescribes medications if necessary, accepts referral to another area when the diagnosis requires a specialist in the subject, intervenes in surgeries, attends home visits and can be part of scientific research.

The professional can work in public or private hospitals, in rehabilitation medical centers, act as a teacher in Universities or practice the profession in their own office. The career is aimed at people with a vocation to help, a good analytical perception, manual skills, great interest in saving lives and increasing their knowledge of biology, chemistry and physics.

Some of the job opportunities that medicine offers are:

General practitioner
After successfully completing the degree in medicine, there is the possibility of obtaining the title of general practitioner, which will allow to provide care to patients making use of the knowledge absorbed during their training. In this type of case, it can be practiced in various health centers and clinics of all kinds.

Specialized doctor
The wide job opportunities derived from the completion of university studies in medicine, lead in many cases to continue expanding the knowledge previously learned through specialization in any of the branches related to medicine, thus extending the duration of said training with such as obtaining a specialized medical position.

There are many medical specializations, which in general terms include specialized knowledge in relation to the different organs and sections that make up the human body.

The most prominent medical specializations in the area of ​​medicine are:

Teaching doctor
Teaching physicians will be able to teach in numerous courses and careers. It is an alternative that allows them to put into practice and transmit their knowledge of medicine to students. It is a popular outlet for licensed physicians who have not yet secured a place in health centers.

Another advantage that many doctors see in teaching medicine is the compatibility offered by this specialization in reconciling work and personal life. Since, the working hours of a teacher is usually shorter than that of a regular doctor.

Research Physician
An essential requirement that a research physician must have is to be instructed in the development of new techniques and their practical application in the field of medicine. For this, it is necessary to have the work of specialized doctors in the field who work in the investigation of the human body in general and the problems derived from possible diseases and ailments that may appear.

This type of research work is carried out in many cases, in independent laboratories. Although they also take place in conventional health centers.

Doctor specialized in health administration
Medical professionals specialized in health management are essential to achieve the proper functioning of the health system in the health area.

It is likely that the first idea of ​​a medical student is not to run and manage a health center or hospital. But the reality is that in many cases it is a magnificent job opportunity that brings great benefits in the world of work, providing positions of maximum responsibility, job stability and very high salaries.

Specialty physicians do not have to focus solely on patient care, since medical careers and its various specializations provide a wide variety of job opportunities.