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Public Relations Officer | I do not know what to study

abril 4, 2021

What is a Public Relations Officer?

A Public Relations Officer is a specialist in communicating and leading, an opinion leader who fulfills the spokesperson role within a ORorganization. A specialist in Public Relations during the performance of his functions is in charge of connecting a public, private or Government organization, with its appropriate audience. A relationshipist has the quality of knowing how to listen and is easily integrated into an organization, has a profile that adapts to different audiences and scenery on a daily basis. Public relations involves communicating with the different media and through the various existing channels.

A manager in public relations develops activities to maintain the reputation of a public or private organization, pursues truth and transparency, develops policies in the face of a reputational crisis, organizes press conferences, writes press articles, updates digital content, etc., uses various mechanisms to improve the reputation of an organization or company.

Positions that a Public Relations Officer can find in the Marketing and PR area of ​​a company or public or private entity

  • Public Relations Technician
  • Account executive
  • Public relations and marketing coordinator
  • Responsible for social networks and digital media
  • Branding and positioning specialist
  • Head of strategic communications
  • Public relations specialist
  • Head of public relations
  • Protocol Specialist
  • Head of Public Policy
  • Senior Head of Public Policy