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Sales Executive | I do not know what to study

abril 4, 2021

The core competencies of a sales executive are selling and advertising. In order to sell effectively, one must possess both the art of persuasion and the skills to convince others, these skills can be developed through formal, informal or even self-training.

Sales executives must also develop sales skills as one executive has to generate and oversee sales for an entire team. If sales are not handled correctly, the productivity of a company is severely affected. In other words, sales figures are the lifeblood of any business. Thus every person in the company’s sales area is expected to generate good sales numbers.

Some executives are tempted to view increased sales as the bottom line of what they do. Yet they forget that without the right sales figures, the company cannot survive. All salespeople and sales managers must understand that if sales are not handled well, a business will not survive.

The sales executive must have a keen interest in the sales process and must have a eye for detail, just like him good art of selling in different channels. Good salespeople are capable of attract and understand whether the customer is receptive to a company’s products and services. The best salespeople, and most successful sales people, are the ones who combine these two traits. One characteristic that makes a difference in successful sales executives is the ability to motivate your team.

Possible tasks of a sales executive

The day-to-day can involve everything from management tasks to leaving the office, visiting clients, supervising, assigning tasks, writing emails or participating in a virtual platform that integrates company communications, meetings with superiors about the company’s performance. , the plans of the company and the marketing strategies of the company, as well as the negotiation of new contracts with suppliers and many more that vary according to the business objectives of each Company.