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Sommelier | I do not know what to study

abril 4, 2021
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The sommelier intervenes at different points of contact with wine and other drinks. The Sommelier recommends wines that suit the tastes and the price range of the customer. Even those who know wine can benefit from the sommelier’s advice.

If you are thinking of studying a sommelier career you need to learn about how to become a sommelier, know what tasks performed and the Required skills to become one.

How to become a professional wine sommelier?

The ability to speak English clearly and cordially is critical to successful performance as a sommelier. In tourist cities the clients of the Restaurants and bars are mostly tourists and in general they do not speak the local language.

Sommeliers are individuals with a passion for wine, they know how to describe the grapes, the vineyards and the region where a variety of wines come from. Sommeliers are good at adapting to different environments (Boats, Lounges, Restaurants) and are quick in their service.

Training and attending international events on gastronomy, food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, food and wine pairing and technology applied to the sector.

The role of a sommelier

Sommeliers have a primarily service-based role as they often work in restaurants to meet customer needs and ensure that the wines pair well with the menu.

1617571947 874 sommeliers 2.539x0 is Sommelier | I do not know what to study

His role includes knowledge and experience in managing vineyards and wineries to keep track of deliveries, wine storage and stock levels. They are experts in wine buying, wine tasting, and customer service.

1617571948 243 sommeliers 3.539x0 is Sommelier | I do not know what to study

Some tasks of the sommelier

They include the sale of wines, tastings at events, telephone sales, wine tastings, pairings, wine tourism routes, writing of wine articles for wineries.

Among his duties, he may provide wine service to guests of a restaurant. In addition to serving wine, their duties may include checking the winery’s stock on a daily basis.

During a service the sommelier should be knowledgeable about the wine list and suggest wines to guests who ask for advice. Knowledge of how to pair wine with food is imperative.

Duties include cleaning and disinfecting your work area and work utensils following the rules and regulations of Public Health.

Work in Restaurants

High-end restaurants generally hire the services of Sommeliers. The sommelier works with the chef and restaurant owners to keep an appropriate variety and quantity of wines on hand to complement the chef’s food and provide a more complete experience for diners. Physically managing inventory, from ordering and receiving bottles to ensuring they are properly stored. During service periods, the sommelier visits the diners’ tables, recommending wines that complement the meal and respect the personal preferences of each diner.

Skills needed to become a sommelier

It is important for professional growth to develop research skills on different types of wine and their origin. Communication skills are necessary as sommeliers are dedicated to providing high-quality service to ensure the best customer service, and concentration skills come in handy when multitasking.

The difference to stand out in a positive way as a Sommelier is to perfect and discover new limits with our senses to understand the characteristics of each wine.