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Stewardess | I do not know what to study

abril 4, 2021
azafata tripulante de cabina en su lugar de trabajo.586x0 is Stewardess | I do not know what to study

The Passenger Cabin Crew (TCP), are sometimes recognized as stewardess, stewardess or flight attendant.

The TCP inside an airplane is the face of the airline, it is the person with whom the passengers see and interact and also has the function of ensuring the safety of its passengers. A TCP is intensively trained to be able to work on the plane. Pass theoretical and physical tests.

In short we can say that the members of the crew of the cabin of an airplane make sure that the passengers experience a safe, comfortable and pleasant flight. Offers a consistently high level of security

Tasks you do include checking the aircraft cabin, greeting and seating passengers, giving safety demonstrations, selling and serving refreshments, it’s about working with amazing people and interacting with a wide range of customers every day, In addition to meeting sales targets during the flight, working closely with the Captain and the rest of the crew makes each flight unique.

azafata tripulante de cabina en su lugar de trabajo.586x0 is Stewardess | I do not know what to study

Cabin personnel are trained to respond to emergency situations, to administer first aid, and to resolve difficult situations. They also provide assistance for passengers with the symptoms of jet Lag. The dietary changes, the change in schedule make this job physically exhausting.

Aviation is expected to expand in the next decade, with more job opportunities in the airline industry. The UNWTO in 2016 warned that tourism will involve some 1.8 billion international trips by 2030 and that its adaptive capacity contributes to “sustainable growth”.

If you are thinking of doing career as a stewardess, you can apply to the training programs of the main airlines.

To be TCP you must have a good basic education, at least 18 years old, pass the physical fitness tests and it can be very useful if you have previous experience in customer service.

During the training, the TCP learns new skills such as putting out fires, exercising, swimming, learning to evacuate a plane and go down to the emergency slide. Practical training is received during evacuation drills.

Cabin crew work irregular hours on shifts that include nights, weekends, and holidays. Time is spent mainly working in the cabin of an airliner during flight. Significant time away from home is normal in this profession.

General steps to become TCP

In many airlines you need to fill out a form to start the procedures and successfully pass your English exam, physical tests and go through several interviews.
If the interview is positive, it advances to the next evaluation step where a height control, presentations, group exercises are made, if the tests are satisfactory a personal interview is carried out later. If you are successful, you should be able to get the security passes to work at the airport. To do this, you will need to present your working life and an updated criminal record.

Skills to be TCP

  1. Good communication skills to understand and attend to the needs of the passengers.
  2. The ability to work efficiently and in solidarity with colleagues in corridors and small spaces.
  3. Excellent customer service to deal with passengers in a polite, professional and sensitive manner.
  4. Good arithmetic for handling and exchanging currencies during flight purchases.
  5. Being able to think quickly to keep passengers calm during difficulties, such as emergency landings.
  6. Physical stamina to deal with jet lag and stay on duty for long hours in the cabin.

First steps as TCP

You take your first job after completing training including passenger care, customer service and security, customs and immigration, with the passage of time and the evolution of the position, the cabin crew manages the first class lounge and supervises other personnel, in other cases of exclusivity, serve very important and prestigious passengers on board commercial planes or private jets.

The TPC has multiple career outings, from working in recruiting, to becoming a cabin manager, moving to a new base, working a variety of routes, and meeting different passengers every day, no day is the same.

Providing excellent customer service in heaven is not easy. You will be thinking comfortably and responding to customer needs for the duration of each flight. There is always something to do, from very important security checks to serving refreshments or meeting sales targets in flight.

Some related professions

Airline customer service agent: Control passengers on their flight, weigh luggage and issue boarding passes.

Customer Service Agent: It is responsible for answering all customer inquiries, managing complaints and providing information on the services offered by its airline, the agent is considered to provide a very important role for the industry since it is the first point of contact with the client.