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Toxicologist / Toxicologist | I do not know what to study

abril 4, 2021

A toxicologist is a person who investigates and studies the diseases and injuries caused by various toxins. Their job is to study any toxins found in tissues, organs, blood, urine, etc. of humans and animals. After discovering the harmful effects of toxins on humans or animals, they develop ways and means to prevent these toxins from causing harm to humans or animals. They conduct research to find ways and means to eliminate toxins.

What does the toxicologist do? The main job of the toxicologist is to find ways to prevent toxins from harming humans, he also participates in the study of toxicological effects, has to attend seminars, conferences, symposia, meetings and other such activities. Their job is to inform people about the dangers of various toxins and their various solutions, so that they can take appropriate measures to prevent them from causing harm to citizens.

Keep in mind that there are many toxic agents that can cause harm to humans and other living creatures, the importance of toxicity cannot be underestimated.