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A virologist is a doctor who deals with diseases and other medical conditions. They are the main advocates of scientific research on such diseases, they have the ability to treat all kinds of infectious diseases, the main job of a virologist is to study the virus and develop the necessary medicines so that it can be controlled or prevented.

All of the above implies that virology is the branch of biology that deals with infections in various organisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and parasites. The virologist is a person who deals with different viral infections. Its objective is to help doctors in the diagnosis and treatment of patients who have acquired viral diseases and in how to deal with the possible risks that it entails.

The virologist generally assists physicians in developing new drugs for viral infections, as well as in administering drugs to patients. They also work with scientists to develop new viral vaccines for the prevention and cure of viral diseases. They take care of outbreaks of different viral infections and are also responsible for maintaining the quality of viruses and their strains.

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